General advantages and features of the SOLINNE accessories produced by "Torgznakservis" company compared to similar products on the Russian market.

1. SOLINNE accessories manufacturer is a Russian company.
This increases customer loyalty to the product..

Many similar products available on the market have no references to a manufacturer or have reference to a Chinese manufacturer. Therefore, there is a big ambiguity about how the production process is controlled and which requirements are applicable. Manufacturing of the SOLINNE products is arranged and monitored by a Russian company and based on the requirements of the Russian market.

2. SOLINNE products have the best price-quality ratio among similar products on the market.
It provides an opportunity to make good profit on the sales of these products without any quality concerns.

There are many design and engineering solutions implemented in the SOLINNE accessories which compare them favorably with the other brands. Modern materials used for production provide much longer lifetime compared to other manufacturers' products. SOLINNE brand accessories not only very attractive, but also are easy to install and care, are functional and utility products.

Having a number of competitive advantages over its competitors, SOLINNE accessories have much more favorable prices than the products of other brands.

3.SOLINNE brand products are made of environmentally friendly materials.
It really attracts the consumers to the product; noticeable "green" label on the boxes works very good for this purpose.

The materials used for the SOLINNE accessories production are: stainless steel, glass, acrylic, aluminum, ceramics and high-duty ABS plastic. Plastic has high chemical stability and resistance to adverse environmental conditions. When heated, it does not release potentially harmful substances (such as phenol). All materials have good indexes of moisture and heat resistance. These characteristics are the most important for the accessories selection. Moreover, all materials are tested for radiation safety at the factory. Other manufacturers of similar products do not carry out these tests.

4. SOLINNE brand has informative and actual online support. Consumer can find the necessary technical and contact information at the web site directly dedicated to the SOLINNE accessories (, as well as at the web site of the manufacturing company and the trade mark owner - TorgZnakServis Ltd (
The availability of this information increases the product credibility.

Many producers of the similar purpose goods have no web sites dedicated to their brands. Accordingly, the consumer cannot get extended information about the manufacturer or the properties and characteristics of the products offered and, therefore, may have doubts about the anonymous products.

5. SOLINNE products sellers can get extensive information and marketing support. They may be provided with displays, promotional materials such as catalogs, brochures, stickers, etc.
These supporting materials and information are essential to help our partners effectively offer the products to the customers at no additional cost.

Few manufacturers of similar products can offer the sellers such support.

6. SOLINNE products are given a sufficiently long warranty period of 1 year. The service life of the products is more than 10 years if consumer observes the operating rules.
Warranty from the Russian company increases customers' confidence that the stated warranty obligations will be fulfilled completely (if necessary).

If a warranty provided by an international company, the process of a claim examination and settlement of is obviously longer and more complicated.

7. Civil liability to third parties for the risks associated with SOLINNE products is insured by the leading Russian insurance company - LLC "Rosgosstrakh".
This strengthens consumer protection against the negative effects related to a potential product defects emergence.

Few sellers of similar products can offer the consumer liability insurance for their brands.

8. SOLINNE brand products comply with the present quality standards as confirmed by certificates of quality GOST R and independent expert opinions and reviews.
It confirms complete products adaptation to the Russian conditions, considering all possible requirements of the domestic market.