The model range of accessories for bathrooms and lavatories under the trademark SOLINNE is wide and includes various elements for bathroom furnishing – glass and mesh soap holders, dispensers, toilet paper holders, toilet brushes, various shelves, hooks, towel racks, etc. Moreover, such bathroom interior details as soap holders, toothbrush holders, hooks, toilet paper holders, liquid soap dispensers, shelves for a mirror, brushes are offered as total look accessory sets.

Various design and construction solutions applied for the manufacturing of accessories SOLINNE will allow picking all necessary things to furnish your bathroom or lavatory adhering to the total look of these rooms.

Materials used for the manufacturing of accessories SOLINNE (brass, zinc, stainless steel, ABS plastic and other metal alloys and polymers) are not apt to corrosion and are designed to be used in rooms where significant differences in temperature and humidity have place. Products from these materials are strong and durable.

Accessories SOLINNE for bathrooms and lavatories are manufactured using up-to-date high-tech equipment. The quality of manufactured products is controlled at all stages of manufacturing; up-to-date scientific and technical achievements are used. Many kinds of accessories are galvanized by chrome and nickel.

All products comply with standards relating to strength and chemical and mechanical stability. They are safe for human health and that is proven by hygiene and conformity certificates.